Our meticulously designed top-notch gym/Fitness Center aims to inspire and improve your training experience like never before – giving you the tools you need to achieve your health and wellness objectives by combining state-of-the-art technology with seasoned fitness trainers.

Best Fitness Center in Bannerghatta

Our gymnasium is a playhouse for a vibrant community of like-minded people who are inclined towards enhancing their physical and mental health. Our highly qualified trainers are always there to make sure that you perform each exercise in the correct form and get that blood pumping across your body. Be it fat loss or building lean muscle mass, we have personalized training plans for each one of you.

Fitness Center Bannerghata Road

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Rs. 18,000

“The Gym is not just about fitness; it’s a place to find mental strength and inner balance

– Rahul Dravid (Indian Cricketer)


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Things to keep in mind before attending the first session

Start Slowly

If you are a beginner, ideally start with low-intensity exercises and increase the intensity over time. Initially, you should stick to machines instead of free weights to prevent any injury.

Set Realistic Goals

Whether you want to shed that extra fat or build lean muscle, keep one thing in mind it will take time. Rome was not built in a day and so is the case with your body, it will take months to see changes in your physique.

Focus on a proper form

Jumping directly into your workout without a proper warmup is a sure-shot way to get injured in the gym. As a beginner, you should do 10-15 minutes of warmup followed by weight training that too in a strict form.

Emphasize on rest and recovery

Your muscles do not grow in the gym, they grow in the recovery phase. So, make sure that you prioritize rest, and take optimum sleep so that your recovery can speed up.

Dress Comfortably

No need to buy expensive clothes, just wear something comfortable and breathable so that your body can move freely during a workout.

Consistency is the key

You’ll need to be consistent to get that dream physique. So, stick to your workout schedule and stay committed to your goals.

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