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physiotherapy center in Bannerghatta

At GK Wellness Studio & Clinic, we take pride in understanding that physical health is paramount, thus our staff of highly trained physiotherapists are ready and committed to help you achieve and maintain a state of true well-being. Be it after an undesired event of injury or just mild strains & stresses, they have always got your back and are ready to help you gain back your strength, and mobility, and maintain your peak physical health.

Physiotherapy Clinics in Bannerghatta Road

Our physiotherapy center in Bannerghatta is committed towards guiding you in your journey by offering treatment and rehabilitation modalities for various ailments like chronic pain and injuries, post-operative rehabilitation or simply to improve your physical wellbeing and performance. We offer a comprehensive range of advanced equipment and methodologies to assist you with every aspect of your physical discomfort and win over it.

Physiotherapy Treatment

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Rs. 18,000

“The Gym is not just about fitness; it’s a place to find mental strength and inner balance

– Rahul Dravid (Indian Cricketer)


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Physiotherapy Center in Bannerghatta

Things to keep in mind before visiting our lab


Medical History

Bring your medical history, including any past injuries or health conditions, to your initial visit. This information will help our physiotherapists to understand your needs better.



Never hesitate to communicate with your physiotherapist. Always be open to sharing any issues or questions you have regarding your treatment plan or progress.


Be Consistent

Consistency is essential for getting the best results. Attend your planned therapy sessions on a regular basis and perform home exercises as prescribed by your therapist.


Be Patient and Optimistic

Recovery takes time and each individual responds differently. Stay positive and patient throughout your healing journey, and trust in the expertise of our dedicated team.

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