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Steam Bath in Bannerghatta Road

 GK Wellness Studio & Clinic prioritizes recuperation. In the same vein, we have set up an in-house steam bath which is an excellent facility to relax and loosen up sore muscles and stiff joints after a workout/ stressful day. Steam is scientifically proven to reduce lactic acid build-up, improve muscle regrowth, and lessen oxidative stress built up in the body.

gym with steam bath – Exercise & Fitness

Our rejuvenating steam bath experience is a confluence of modern luxury amenities and traditional healing practices. It is a sure-shot way of releasing toxins from your body, soothing tired muscles, and melting your stress away. Our steam bath system offers client’s a serene ambiance that is aimed at providing you with a sweet escape from the outside world.


gym with steam bath

Pricing Plans
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Rs. 3500 + GST


Rs. 18,000

“The Gym is not just about fitness; it’s a place to find mental strength and inner balance

– Rahul Dravid (Indian Cricketer)


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Don’t Overdo It

Prolonged steam exposure has been reported to cause fatigue thus make sure for a healthy outcome, your steam session lasts between 10 and 20 minutes.

Stay Hydrated

Before entering the bath, drink plenty of water. While the steam aids in detoxification, it is critical to stay hydrated throughout your session to avoid dehydration.


Take a Quick Shower Beforehand

To reap maximum benefits of the steam bath, take a quick shower before entering. This will help to cleanse your body and allow the steam to function more efficiently.

Post Steam Rest

Don’t head right away to your house after a steam bath. Take some time to relax, and cool down. Allow your body to return to its normal temperature.

Listen to Your Body

Steam is usually beneficial for most of us. Still, if you feel uncomfortable or lightheaded, exit the steam bath immediately and inform your instructors.

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